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DUBHENGE  1996-1997 - A stonehenge made entirely from 20 scrap VW's - Originally commissioned by No Worries for Summer Solstice 1996 Beetle Bash. Installed at Avon Park Raceway & set up for midsummer sunrise just like the real thing. Featured on Top Gear. In 1997 we took Dubhenge on the road & installed it in thick anti-vehicle mud in the Cabaret Field at  Glastonbury Festival at the end of June. We had to use a scorpion tank to move the crane 40ft for each piece. We then had 2 weeks to dismantle, transport 500 miles and set it up again at T in the Park Festival in Scotland, mid July. It's final showing was in August at V'97 Festival, Temple Newsom, Leeds. From there it went to the scrap yard to be recycled again.

Charlie Charles